Campus 安全


Southeast Technical College provides on-campus security for students, employees and 游客. Two Minnehaha County deputies work at Southeast Tech. 

Non-Emergency? 联系 Campus 安全.

If you wish to report suspicious activity, would like an escort between your transportation to campus and your classroom or have other security concerns, call Campus 安全 at 605-367-7847.

Call Campus 安全  

Report a Concerning Behavior

Use the link below to report a behavior, incident or other concern.

Behaviors of concern include any disruptive, disturbing or destructive behaviors demonstrated by anyone on campus. These may include emotional trouble, unusual or bizarre behavior, destructive behavior to self or others, substance abuse, suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, hostility, harassment, aggression, abuse or risk taking.

Report a Concerning Behavior

安全 Staff

Terry Mixell

安全 Officer - 住房
住房 Link

Jim Larson

Mickelson Center 200B


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Safety and 安全 Resource Guide

View Safety and 安全 Resource Guide

Missing Person Procedures

Missing Person Procedures

安全 and Fire Safety Report

VIEW STC 2023 SECURITY and fire safety REPORT